The Indecisive Bride Journey to Her Dress - 7 Steps to Help You Say YES

Shopping for the perfect wedding dress is suppose to be the most joyous occasion for brides. You are treated like a princess and have stylist at your beck and call. In an Era of Instagram, Pinterest and choices it is not easy for every bride. Some brides find it the most stressful planning of their wedding. Here are seven tips to help you out while shopping.

1. Not every bride shows emotion!

Not everyone one cries. Actually, only a small percentage of brides cry at all. People say that you will know it is your wedding dress if it makes you cry. This is certainly not true. Some brides feel more confused when they think they found their dress. If you find yourself with a smile, sparkling eyes, goosebumps and warm feeling inside it is THE dress! At the same time do not forget to watch emotions of your entourage. If your mom, sister, or best friend is tearing up, it might be a sign that you have found your perfect wedding dress.

2. Listen to your body language!

Girl, if you are twirling, feeling the fabric and dancing might have found your dress! Smiling is a good sign.

3. You DO NOT want to change anything about THE dress!

If you are stuck on a few wedding gowns. If you say ' this top is perfect but the bottom ins not my favorite, it is definitely not THE dress. It is fine to want to update small things, for example, adjust neckline, add straps, take it in in the hips or shorten sleeves.

4. You DO NOT want to take it off!

The easiest signs for the indecisive bride to know she found the 'one' is she do not want to take it off. If you start picturing yourself on your wedding day then it is a done deal - congrats! Some brides even joke about being ready and willing to get married right then and there.

5. You are now planning the finishing touches! If When you find THE dress, sometimes the next logical thoughts are “Can I try on a veil?” "Hair up or hair down?”, “Who does the alterations? etc. If you find yourself asking “next step” questions, take it as a good sign that you have found your perfect wedding dress. 6. Everyone else’s opinion DOES NOT matter anymore. Many indecisive brides tend to want to involve many friends and family in the bridal shopping journey. This allows for loved ones to give valuable advice and ease the bride’s mind. Brides unsure of what they want place a higher value on their parents’ or friends’ opinions. Once a bride has found THE dress, other people’s opinions do not matter. There is no need to continue you shopping if you find the dress. It is okay to say yes! 7. You are NOT forced to make a decision on the spot. Although, sometimes not saying yes to the dress on the spot you may miss the opportunity to purchase that dress (especially with off the rack purchases), but there is never a bride without a dress. The final tip for all indecisive brides is: do not make a purchase until you are 100% sure! Some entourages might try to push you to purchase a dress, despite you still being unsure. Make sure you walk away from your entourage and take time to be in the dress in the change room to see how you really feel about your decision. For some brides, the wedding dress decision can be the most difficult aspect of planning a wedding. If you find that you have turned into an indecisive bride, do not panic! You are one among many. Your perfect wedding dress is out there. You just need to remember to listen to your heart and take these seven steps into consideration.

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