Thinking about Renting a Wedding Gown?

Wedding dresses are not cheap. Men rent suits everyday so wedding gown rentals seems like a rather great idea. Today, dresses made so well that hundreds of dollars of alterations are required on most gowns to hold up on your day or so you can even walk.

Years ago, rentals were popular especially when the corset gown became popular and you can add as much poof to make the dress shorter to adjust lengths. However, today the average women is not so much average and the styles have changed from poof and corsets. With genetics and the modern world diet and lack of exercise we are much more curvaceous then our mothers and grandmothers were. A great solution for a bride looking for a quick dress for less is discounted consignment or off the rack samples. A used dress has a chance of fitting perfect - we have seen it at our shop. You can always purchase a budget friendly dress and then resale it after - like renting or temporarily owning the dress.

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